Tuesday 9 October 2012

Getting un-used to you

text for "Ignored Manuals", a set of songs by Thanasis Deligiannis

Getting un-used to you
I pretend I don’t remember
How beautifully you open wine bottles
How you fall asleep watching Hitchcock
How I become a string quartet when you’re in the shower
How you look as if you see when you look
I pretend I don’t remember
That I am too scared to be lonely
Too lonely to be scared
That I’m a neurotic super-hero                                                              That I must be lapidated
That I must be desecrated                                               That I’m another neurotic super-hero
That I remember
I dismember
I surrender
I engender
I un-gender
I pretend I don’t remember
How much I understand
How little I understand
How far I understand
How close I understand
How deep I understand
How high I think
How low I feel
How seriously
How ridiculously
I miss
How crammed I am
With this little
With this huge
With this blue
Piece of love
That you gave me

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